Vac Hood Recycling

The highlighted part of this illustration shows the placement of the vac hood.

This hood allows direct recycling, back to the machine, using a standard 16hp (or greater) insulation vacuum. This hood is placed directly over the split hopper so that you have the wet material separated from the dry material. Separate airlock gates allow you to meter the proper amount of dry/wet for a consistent wall spray coverage.

CM2400 with vac hood recycler

Benefits of the Vac Hood Wall Spray Option

  • Self-contained recycling directly back to the CM2400, CM3500 or CM4500
  • Uses a standard insulation vacuum which allows you to use the vacuum for insulation removal jobs.
  • Mid-level price-point.

Below is a video of a CM3500 with the vac hood.

[vimeo id=”32824316″]