Vacuum Savers for Insulation Removal Vacuums

Don’t let foreign objects into your vacuum. Stop them before they damage your fans and chambers.

VS-ECO: (Cool Vac 11hp and Cool Vac 16hp) is our most economical solution. The top lid provides access to the debris for emptying. (Shutdown vacuuming process to empty)


VS-XL: (Cool Vac 23hp) provides our largest canister for vacuuming. Designed for our 23 hp vacuum, this canister can work with multiple vacuums daisy-chained together.


VS-Deluxe: (Cool Vac 11hp and Cool Vac 16hp) With the debris level window, you can see, from the outside how full your vacuum saver has become. You are able to slide the lower catch drawer out, WHILE, the vacuuming process continues. We offer an optional wheel package.