CM2400 Insulation Blower

The CM2400 is our most popular unit among contractors. The performance and capabilities of the CM2400 have made this a formidable machine in the insulation world. With an upgraded airlock, you could not run fast enough in an attic to keep up with this machine.

The slim profile allows you plenty of room for transporting material and room for your loaders.

Another feature of the CM-2400 which makes this machine such an attractive buy is its compact shape. The machine takes up the minimum possible space and consists of very few moving parts. Because of this, the machine turns out to be extremely low maintenance and is also very easy to repair. Storing the machine in your truck or trailer is also convenient because of its light weight and compact size.

Features and benefits of the CM-2400

Some of the main features and benefits of using the CM-2400 are highlighted as follows:

  • The scalping augers run at a slow speed. This saves on wear and tear of the machine and the blowing material is conditioned perfectly, even before the airlock.
  • LED plugs provide fast power diagnostics.
  • The gearbox and motor are separate components which can be replaced at a low cost.

Blower options with the CM-2400

The CM-2400 blowing machine has been designed keeping in mind the fact that it may be used by individuals with a ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude as well as by professional contractors. Therefore, the manufacturers of this machine also give the user a choice of two blowers:

  1. Upgraded Airlock: Increases production by at least 30%.
  2. Extended Hopper: Instead of 3 bags of cellulose, you can throw 6 bags into this extension or an entire bag of fiberglass.
  3. The Blower Box has room for up to 4 centrifugal blowers. This is the most economical option among blowers since the blowers have a fairly decent life and cost very little to replace. Each blower will give about 1200 to 1500 hours of good performance.
  4. Positive Displacement Blower: a 5 horsepower PD blower brings a powerful, yet consistent flow of material for those who spray wall material or commercial glue spray. Plus, with simple maintaining of the oil levels, you may never have to replace this blower, ever.
  5. The second option is the 5 h.p. Positive Displacement or PD Blower. This blower is much ahead in terms of performance as it provides for good air blowing with the help of large hopper capacities. This blower is particularly useful for long range blowing as it allows convenient blowing up to 300 ft. It also consumes the minimum possible power and is value for money.

The CM-2400VH ‘Vac Hood

The Vac Hood version of the CM-2400 is a much sought after product due to the ingenious technology used. In essence, this version of the insulation machine comprises of a separate gas vacuum which turns the machine into a dual purpose machine. While the main machine completes other jobs, this vacuum can be deployed in a separate location for attic insulation removal. Other features of the Vac Hood include:

  • Recycle fibre metering is made accurate and easy with the help of added recycle slide gate.
  • Dual agitators are incorporated to ensure that the recycled fibre does not block the screen.
  • There is also a removable slide gate internal hopper.

Standard CM-2400 Production Rates 12x12 Airlock

MaterialLbs p/hrBags p/hrSq ft p/hr
Cellulose (22 lb bag)36001206,000
Fiberglass (32 lb bag)1000283,500
Rockwool (30 lb bag)1800602,250

Upgraded 16x12 Airlock

MaterialLbs p/hrBags p/hrSq ft p/hr
Cellulose (22 lb bag)40001809,000
Fiberglass (32 lb bag)1400445,444
Rockwool (30 lb bag)2000672550