Insulation Blowing Machines

We offer insulation blowing machines & equipments to fit every size of company. From small, portable units to large truck-mounted units, we provide the right insulation blowing machine for your budget and needs.

  • CM700: The smallest, ultra portable blowing machine for the “Do it Your selfer” and the rental market.
  • CM1500: A small, portable yet robust machine to give the contractor flexibility and efficiency.
  • CM2400: A mid-sized truck/trailer mounted blowing machine that will handle a large industrial job or a small addition.
  • CM3500: A large-sized truck/trailer mounted blowing machine that is designed to handle the day-in-day out large production needs.
  • CM4500: The largest machine we offer. There is NO job too big for this unit.

The Cool Machine brand has, and continues to, set the standard for the insulation machine market. Here are the quality and innovative features of the Cool Machine insulation blowing machines.

  • One of the first companies to offer powder-coated steel components. If it is steel, it has a durable powder-coating. This resists corrosion and gives your machine long-life.
  • The airlocks are perfectly extruded cylinders. Instead of being rolled into a cylindrical shape, our airlocks are extruded. This results in perfect and consistent quality. Since these airlocks are perfect cylinders, you get longer life out of your airlock seals.
  • Low speed auger system reduces friction wear.
  • Easy-to-maintain and repair. When you need to change your airlock seals or replace a component, you can do so on-site with minimal tools.