Portable Insulation Blowers

In the 1970s, insulation blowers became portable. They were small, through blowers, but offered contractors the ability to set the machines closer to the job sites and carry more material.

Through the innovative work of Dave Krendl and Andy Schulte, the Cool Machine portable insulation blowers out perform other portables. In fact, other manufacturers are mimicking the styling and even the paint coloration of the Cool Machines. It takes far more than styling and paint to compete with a Cool Machine portable blower.

Common Problems with Portables, Corrected by Cool Machines

CM700 UltraPortable

No longer do you need to sacrifice performance for portability. The CM700 is a great starter for a contractor with a budget. The low price point allows for great performance without breaking the bank.

The Ultra-portability of the CM700 allows contractors who work in the inner cities to take their machines up the narrow service-elevators found in many buildings. This blower will handle any material designed to be blown. You can use it for attics, dense packing walls and even wall spray.

CM1500 Portable Insulation Blower. Available in a high performance model as well.

The next step up is a portable blower that most contractors prefer. The CM1500 and CM1500HP (high performance) can fill a standard 1,200 sq ft attic 16 inches deep in an hour. We have customers who have purchased two of these units so they can work on opposite ends of the building.

Don’t let the portability deter you from seriously considering adding one of these machines to your company. They are very handy and productive!