Cool Machines Insulation Blowers

We are Cool Machines Master Distributor for, at least, a few reasons:

  1. They have the best, innovative products on the market.
  2. We provide full training on the equipment. Dense Packing, Wall Spray, Commercial Glue Spray and attic spray.
  3. IF you need tech support for these machines, we are available 24/7/365.

Cool Machines are Innovative

Dave Krendl (mechanical engineer) and Andy Schulte (electrical engineer) are both advanced, degreed engineers who specialized in the insulation machine industry. Their innovations include the scalping augers which revamped the way insulation machines condition the material. Cool Machines also led the industry in providing durable powder-coating. In fact, some manufactures followed their model, but they still skimp on the powder coating. Even the appearance of the Cool Machines are being mimicked. Cool Machines is doing something right! In fact, they are leading the industry.

Consider the augers. Cool Machine augers prevent bridging in the hopper and increase production by force-feeding the airlock. In our CM2400s and above, the augers drive the material into high speed turbo shredders which further condition the material.

We Train on the Cool Machine brand

With over 30 years in the insulation industry, we bring to our customers on-the-field experience. This helps us, help you, determine the right equipment for the job. Whether you are just a beginning insulation contractor, or and established one, we will not up-sell you, nor under-sell you.

Beware of lower prices. We offer very competitive pricing. Our experience has been that some other distributors will leave out an essential piece of equipment just to “make the sale.” We are in the business for the long-haul and will help you get the right stuff.

We are Truly Available!

We don’t have “business hours.” Your business model is structured in such a way so that we are available. Try us out!